About Eden Animal Rescue

Eden Animal Rescue is looking to recruit new trustees who can add skills and expertise to our existing Board. As a trustee you will have the chance to influence how Eden Animal Rescue continues its valuable work to help and promote animal welfare. As an animal lover this will allow you to be able to make a real difference to the lives of animals.


chris cheetham trustee at eden animal rescue

Chris Cheetham

david robertson trustee at eden animal rescue

David robertson

fran flower trustee at eden animal rescue

Fran Flowers

jennie whitfield trustee at eden animal rescue

Jennie Whitfield

robert holder trustee at eden animal rescue

Robert Holder

stephen albone trustee at eden animal rescue

Stephen Albone

david simmons

David Simmons


Eden Animal Rescue have been caring for animals since 1995 and we never put a healthy animal to sleep. Our small team of staff and volunteers work hard to rescue and re-home cats, dogs, and small animals, but we rely on support from individuals like you to fund our work.

Sarah Bean - General Manager

Sarah Bean
General Manager

Vicki Broughton - Animal Care Manager

Vicki Broughton
Animal care Manager

Margaret McCall - Administrator

Margaret McCall

Charlotte Bean - Animal Care Assistant

Charlotte Bean
Animal care Assistant

Ashley Garget - Animal Care Assistant

Ashley Garget
Animal care Assistant

Sue Dryden - Animal Care Assistant

Sue Dryden
Animal care Assistant

Alex Bowness - Animal Care Assistant

Alex Bowness
Animal care Assistant

Melanie Bousfield - Animal Care Assistant

Melanie Bousfield
Animal care Assistant

Annie Tunstall- Animal Care Assistant

Annie Tunstall
Animal care Assistant

Sam Coulthart - Animal Care Assistant

Sam Coulthart
Animal care Assistant

Jess Dryden - Animal Care Assistant

Jess Dryden
Animal care Assistant

Keeley Story - Penrith Shop Manager

Keeley Story
Penrith Shop Manager

Gill Jacobs Kirkby Stephen Shop Manager

Gill Jacobs
Kirby Stephen Shop Manager

Important Stuff

Forms, Fees, downloads & More

Adoption Fees

From 1st June 2021 we ask for a minimum donation when you adopt an animal from us:

Cats and Kittens £90 but if you adopt two cats or kittens at the same time the minimum donation is £150

Dogs and Puppies £180 but if you adopt two dogs at the same time the minimum donation is £300

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs £35

If you are thinking of homing more than one animal, please talk to our staff who will advise you.

Clearly these minimum donations do not cover all our costs, so anything over and above will always be gratefully received. These donations are non-refundable.

Please contact us to ask about other dogs that we have available or if you would like to apply to be a foster carer